A Look at Societal Values


In the coming weeks IGN will be looking at the different societal values of SimCity Societies, and first up is Spirituality and Authority.

A society focusing primarily on Spirituality will consist of contemplative and devout citizens who live their lives according to the morality of their faith and have little value for worldly goods. Spirituality Sims who value this seek meaning in their lives. While their specific spiritual beliefs vary, the commitment to a higher purpose is shared by all.

Along comes a few new screenshots previewing the atmosphere and architecture asociated with the different paths you can take.

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Societies Stuff From IGN

It’s not long now folks. In just about one month the next SimCity game will hit the shelves. IGN has been busy lately and brought us first one, and then a second hands-on preview giving in-depth info on most of the new features. Those guys also have few new screenshots to feast your eyes on. […]