Key Features


SimCity Societies introduces a whole range of new features never seen before in the series.


Social Energies

These control the look and feel of the city, including the mood of your sims. They are; Creativity, Devotion, Knowledge, Industry, Obedience and Wealth. You will be able to mix these any way you want. Each energy has its own impact on your city.



The advisors have been canned. Instead you will recieve all the feedback you need from your citizens.


Goal-oriented gameplay

Contrary to previous instalments Societies will feature much more goals and things to achieve to unlock certain bonuses and buildings.


Less complexity

The game will be much more accessible for the casual gamer. The steep learning curve is no more.



You will now have access to a vibrating 3D enviroment with no camera restrictions.


Three distinct zones

Homes; where people live, workplaces; where sims go to work, and finally venues; where they get their entertainment.


Everything ploppable

Growable buildings are a thing of the past, now you plop everything.