SimCity 4


SimCity’s basic idea as a game is to simulate the ongoings in a city, covering all the basic problems, dealing with infrastructure and people’s needs and demands. In SimCity you take control as the mayor of your newly founded city and start out with nothing but a small amount of money and piece of land. Hopefully you’ll end up with a bustling metropolis with great fun on the way there.

In SimCity you control everything from your citzens healthcare needs to the funding and building of your infrastructure. Other elements include fire and police department, educational facilites — such as elementary schools, colleges and universities — airports and seaports, among many other things. Residential, commercial and industrial buildings are not built by you, instead you zone areas where you allow these types to be built. Depending on many factors such as land value, desirability and taxes you’ll get certain wealth levels and occupation capacities in the buildings constructed.

Some feel that one thing that limits the game is that there is no way of winning. On the contrary many others say that just that is SimCity’s greatest strength, that there is no end. Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless and it does give you satisfaction enough to see that your ideas eventually gives you that nice looking paradise city with your own personal touch.

System Requirements


Pentium 3 500MHz CPU or equivalent.
128Mb RAM.
16Mb video card with Direct3D support.
1Gb free disk space.
8X CD-ROM or faster.


Pentium 4 1GHz CPU or equivalent.
256Mb RAM.
32Mb video card with Direct3D support.


Pentium 4 1.4GHz CPU or equivalent.
512Mb RAM.
64Mb video card with Direct3D support.

Press Coverage


“SimCity 4 is still a complex and detailed strategy game…”
– GameSpot (8.1)
“…a major evolutionary step in the series.”
– PC IGN (9.2)
“Ultimately, SimCity 4 achieves great things…”
– GameSpy (75)
“…easily the nicest-looking Sim game ever.”
– FiringSquad (71%)