SimCity 5 – Ideas and Concepts


With little over a week since the forum were reinstated it’s teeming with creative ideas. Below are some excerpts.

mad_genius writes: It would be good if SC5 would allow not only diagonal bridges and tunnels but also a certain level of custumization of those structures. Like making a bridge or tunnel with a turn somewhere in the middle of it. Or making double decker bridges and tunnels. Also the ability to make tunnels and inland bridges manualy and not only when the game decides to do it.

pakchi70 writes: Would you think that the subway in SC4 is still too fake? they only give us the exit as a station, but what I want is a true station with platform, and i can put exits around the platform, anyone share the same thinking?

DHamp writes: Lets not forget what are and have always been the true stars of the SimCity series: the buildings. SimCity 5 needs to have lots and lots of buildings. With that, there need to be several tilesets. Instead of locations and time periods, the tilesets should be architectural styles: Neo-Classicism, Gothic, Chicago-school, Art Deco, International Style/Modernism, Post Modernism, Futurism…

Don’t hesitate dropping by and voice your opinion alongside the over 50 members and 300+ accumulated posts.

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