Community voices bring their knowledge to the table with different ideas and presentations of theories. Not necessarily directly linked to the game, but all so interesting nevertheless. Just simply a good read.

 “The Grid”
December 9, 2003
 SimCity: Back on Track?
August 29, 2002

Tutorials for help, inspiration or just general oddities are presented below, written by the finest whizzes to be found in the community. But read them carefully, we can not be held responsible for the havoc they might bring on your fair haven. Check back here now and then for more of these gems on our web site!

 How to Make Underwater Tunnels
April 15, 2004
 SimCity 4 Newbie Tutorial
April 13, 2004
 BAT Tutorial: Part 2
January 29, 2004
 BAT Tutorial: Part 1
January 26, 2004
 Special Tricks Using Transportation
April 15, 2004
 Lot Editor Guide v1.0
September 1, 2003
 Choosing the Right Power Plant for Your City
September 1, 2003
 Regional Customization Part 2: Grayscale Heightmapping
August 27, 2003
 Regional Customization Part 1: City Plot Layout
August 14, 2003
 Detailing your Lots; Hints and Tips
July 20, 2003