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It’s not long now folks. In just about one month the next SimCity game will hit the shelves. IGN has been busy lately and brought us first one, and then a second hands-on preview giving in-depth info on most of the new features. Those guys also have few new screenshots to feast your eyes on.

However it doesn’t end there. IGN Australia sat down with Rachel Bernstein, the producer of SimCity Societies to ask a few questions.

IGN AU: We’ve been told that the plan is for SimCity Societies to be the most moddable city building game out there. Can you give us some examples of what users will be able to do?

Rachel Bernstein: Some of the examples of what players will be able to do is they will be able to add new buildings, modify building properties like pollution and abilities, modify textures, modify disasters, add music/sounds, edit the news ticker, change the lighting, change the sky, etc.

Sounds good. Keep checking back for more intense coverage up until the release, and beyond.

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