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What is Spore?

Throw in some Civilization, a drop of SimCity, some The Sims and a big dose of Will Wright creativity and you got Spore. A game that lets you begin as a small microbe fighting your way up the evolution ladder. Chose whether to go the carnivore way or live a peaceful existance as a herbivore, the choice is all up to you and the possibilites are endless. The game features a complex 3D editor that lets you change most things in the game, including your own creation. In the end you’ll have to master a fully fledged society with all that it comes with, wars, exploration and ultimately the final frontier, space.

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Community voices bring their knowledge to the table with different ideas and presentations of theories. Not necessarily directly linked to the game, but all so interesting nevertheless. Just simply a good read.  “The Grid” December 9, 2003  SimCity: Back on Track? August 29, 2002
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