About SimCity Central

This web site is the final line of a collection of web sites covering mainly two game franchises, SimCity and Civilization, since back in 1998-99.

The first real attempt of a fan site was the SimCity 3000 Globe – a minor nuisance you might call it – covering what was to become SimCity 3000, released in early 1999. It did hit off pretty well but circumstances made it go up and down like a star early spring the same year.

Second try was a small web site called SimSweden, made to exhibit some BAT items for SimCity 3000 with a Northern European touch. It did not last very long, since interest in the BAT for SC3K never really hit off with its limited possibilites.

The third incarnation was called CivCenter and covered Civilization III. But to our great misfortune we had to close it after our host cancelled its web site, just when things started to look bright. But it was a great experience and some of the followers were brought along to this site, helping greatly in making this a successfull community.

And last but not least here we are now with SimCity Central, first launched in May 5, 2002, with the forums, and May 15, 2002 with the main site, following the announcement by Maxis of a fourth instalment of their great franchise SimCity. Initially we were hosted by simgames.net, but their instability forced us to move after what the forum members recall as the great downtime. Gladly our tech-admin via connections set us up with an account where we recided until the autumn of 2006. Since then we’ve had control over our own server space, and here we are!

ps. Check out our sister site CivLegacy.com, covering Civilization V.