Clearing Things Up


I had hoped it wouldn’t have to come to this, but it is starting to get so ridiculous that I can’t sit silently and watch what is going on any longer.

A few months ago a former co-admin of mine along with two, at the time, co-admins took matter into their own hands and stole the forum database and transferred it onto a new domain. Claiming the site was run poorly and mismanaged. Please read those two sentences one more time and see if you can find any logic. This in a time of my life that was a bit chaotic, to say the least. I was shocked and very disappointed at the time, but still found that it would be for the best to just let it pass. I had more dire things to worry about and I felt that making a ruckus would only make things worse. So instead I got my mind bent on rebuilding the site quietly and with the dignity that have been one of the cornerstones of the SimCity community since the first web sites.

However. It has come to attention that these guys are now promoting the site at various other places under the pretext that is some sort of migration or transformation of SimCity Central. That is not the case, this is SCC and will always be. The site itself also have several misinformed and very questionable lines of text. If these guys at least had the decency of building their own thing instead of leeching on our good name I would have let it slip. I must ask you with all my heart to let this this matter rest and to take it easy what you say around the communities. The last thing we would want is fights or arguments emerging from this. After all, this is a community about a great game and the wonderful people playing it, let’s focus on that.

I feel sorry that you have to listen to this. My apologies, but sometimes enough is enough.

/The SCC Admin Since 2002

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