Suggestions Roundup #2


The forum continues to provide excellent breeding ground for great discussions concerning the next SimCity game.

JasonJerbil writes: I think sim city 5 should have better water features, like you could have a lake up in the hills and a river going from it to the much lower sea. And more things to place such as offshore drilling rigs, hell for your pollution, but good for your budget. Place a reservoir dam across your river and connect it to water pipes and hydraulic power stations like in the old sim city games…

cityplanner145 writes: You know, the Rush hour label tool is not exatly what I had in mind. I think we should be able to make Interstate routes, as well as local routes such as state and county. Would anyone agree?

Frisco writes: In older simcities (2000 afaik) you had a stadium to which you could assign a sport. I’m not a big fan of soccer and baseball, so they should put in more option as to what kind of stadium you want to build. Some options could be: baseball, soccer, rugby/american football, basketball, athletics, tennis.

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