Phillipe on ‘Cities Unlimited’


As previously reported there was recently a semi-official announcement of a possible City Life sequel. An announcement that caused a lot of excitement around the community, especially concerning the screenshot. The question about the validity can now be more or less put to the rest whith the guys over at Simtropolis posting a Q&A with Philippe Da Silva, Internet Director at Monte Cristo Games. When asked about what sets the game apart from previous city builders this is what Da Silva had to say:

We are drastically stepping up our ambition in term of graphical quality and we want to get closer to what people expect in terms of city management. We will also use the fact that, as an independent studio, we have a freedom of creation to bring some never experimented before features that we are convinced will get you exited a lot. We can’t disclose too much yet but you can expect constant flow of information starting this autumn.

Don’t miss the new screenshots that comes with the Q&A. There’s an ongoing discussion in the forum about this game.

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