Will to Recieve Vanguard Award


For the first time ever a representative from the gaming industry will be given the prestigeous Vanguard Award – which recognizes outstanding achievements in new media and technology – at the 2007 Producers Guild Awards. No other that our very own Will Wright is the man to recieve the honors in January 20th at the Century Plaza.

Will Wright is the icon of the gaming industry and one of the great producers of entertainment content. His creations have transcended into feature films and continue to entertain a global audience. We are proud to have him be the first Vanguard recipient from the gaming universe.

Wright commented by saying the following:

The PGA’s decision to honor a game designer is a big moment for game designers such as myself, and those who would like to follow in our footsteps. The PGA is signaling that games are an integral part of the entertainment industry, and an art form worthy of recognition.

Congrats mr. Wright!

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