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A SimCity version loosely based on SimCity 3000 is coming to the handheld market, more precisely the Nintendo DS. From what can be read SimCity DS is developed and published by divisions within EA itself and Maxis is not being involved in the project. The game will feature three different game modes; Build a New City, Save the City and Sister City. IGN explains:

In Build a New City, you start a city from scratch. Save the City mode puts you in a city located somewhere in Japan and has you clear missions involving fixing traffic and other problems. The Sisters City mode lets you chat with other players and trade “landmarks.”

GameSpot’s got some more info:

A few features have been added to make the game as user-friendly as possible. In addition to the expected tutorial, there is a bearded, bespectacled advisor character that will guide players as they build and administer their city.

Below is a video presentation from the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu. A scan from the article can also be found, in Japanese of course, but with some pictures.

The game is set for release on February 22, 2007 in Japan. There’s no word on when/if SimCity DS will the European and North American markets.

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