No Raving Reviews for Cities XL


With a press average of 7.0 so far Cities XL hasn’t been a hit among reviewers. GameSpot gave it a low score of 6, and so did Eurogamer. But there are voices out there that are digging it. Like for example IGN who put it a few notches higher with a decent 8.

…Cities XL is still not as hardcore as the SimCity series, and the subscription cost is questionably worth the arguably shallow multiplayer content. We encourage you to give the demo a shot before committing to it. The future is bright for Cities XL, but it’s doubtful that it’s bright enough to dethrone SimCity 4 as the preferred city-building simulation.

If you look at the average score by the consumers things aren’t looking that much prettier. 5.7 isn’t a very good number. By comparison SimCity 4 had 8.7. Looks like the wait continues for a city simulator that can uphold the standards set by SimCity. As mentioned in the quote there is a demo out there if you want to give Cities XL a shot. Please voice you opinion in the poll or the comments.

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