Publisher: EA Games
Developer: Maxis
Release Date: September 22, 2003

Note! The Rush Hour expansion pack is no longer offered as a stand-alone product. You’ll have to purchase the combined SimCity 4 Rush Hour package called SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition to get the new features offered.


Rush Hour for SimCity 4 adds several new sought after features by the fans. One of the most, pre-expansion pack, wanted things were avenues to help alleviate traffic in your downtown core and make the cities more realistic. Another feature requested by fans were a markup tool to name neighbourhoods and make notes in special areas. The expansion pack also introduces U-Drive It! which lets you take control of civic vehicles, trains, helicopters and much more for fun or for rewarding missions that often unlocks new exciting things for the player. Last but no least a brand new spanking and shining building set of European styled architecture is included in the package.

But perhaps the most important aspect of Rush Hour is that it lets you add much more user-made content then before, there are literally thousands of objects online that requires the expansion pack to function properly.

Key Features

New Transportation Options

One-way streets, elevated rail, new bridge types, avenues and ferry systems.

More Disasters

Alien invasions, car accidents and train derailments. One comeback from previous instalments and two brand new ones!

Buildings Bonanza!

Tons of new structures will be available in the expansion. Rail yards, helipads, parking garages, historic train stations, road marks, tourist attractions plus a new European building set!

Signs Make A Comeback

One of the more exciting features is the ability to create signposts throughout your cities. Streets, lakes, mountains are among the things that can be named.

Grand Theft Auto

In Rush Hour you can also take control of vehicles, why not take control of a police car and chase a car-jacker down the streets. Or maybe you need more cash? Rob a bank and escape before the police catches you!

New Tools

Watch your transportation network from the region map or track the flowing traffic in your cities with a new overlay.

Press Coverage

SimCity 4 Rush Hour

“Rush Hour takes the next step by adding such useful features…”
GameSpot (8.3)
“The details here are almost overwhelming…”
PC IGN (8.0)
“…put your foot on the gas and get your Sims on the go!”
GameSpy (FAIR)