Note! These features are only pre-expansion pack, for a list of Rush Hour (Deluxe Edition) features check that corresponding page.

Key Features

SimCity 4 comes with numerous features never seen before in the series and adds a great deal of new exciting concepts.

Terrain Editor

Advanced terrain editor that lets you sculpt almost any landscape of your choice.

Wild Animals

Animals roam the landscape with a simple click on the mouse; bears, giraffs and even llamas…


Wreak havoc on your fair haven with disasters ranging from ferocious vulcanoes to swirly twisters.

Region play

With region play you can create multiple cities, connect them and make them interact and depend on eachother’s markets.

Neighbourhood Deals

Neighbourhood deals lets you buy and sell power, garbage and water between your cities.

Dispatch Civic Vehicles

Send out police and fire trucks to hot spots in your city to help your citizens with dangers like fires, mobs and riots.

My Sim

Place a Sim, that you name, in the city to get continuous feedback and see it move up the ladder as jobs get better and quality of life improves.

Zoom In

With 5 different zoom levels, four different view angles and a day/night cycle you’ll always find a new way of looking upon your creation.


8 different zone densities; 3 residential, 3 commercial and 2 industrial combats repetitiveness.

Mass Transportation

Different kinds of mass transportation including busses, trains and subway helps keeping traffic in check.


SimCity 4 delivers great customizability with thousands of downloads to enchance the game, both official and fan made.