To enter a cheat hit [CTRL] + X and type one of the following.

Note! The brackets [ ] should not be included in the code.


Pause/resume the 24 hour clock.

whatimeizit [hour]

Set the time of the day.

whererufrom [name]

Change your city name.

hellomynameis [name]

Change your mayor name.

you don’t deserve it

All rewards available.

sizeof [number]

Increases magnification (0-64).


Adds ยง1,000 to your treasury.


Removes power requirement for all buildings.


Hides empty zone color.


Toggles zots.


Removes water requirement from all buildings.


Enables debug mode that adds extra information to terrain queries. Enter again, with the word off after it, to disable.


Turns all your advisors into llamas. Enter again to turn them back.


Return to God Mode

After you are done sculpting your city and establish it, you lose some of the original tools in God Mode. To get it back press and hold [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift] and click on God Mode. Presto! The pre-city God Mode tools are back!

Quick Repeat a Cheat

Type the cheat code, then hold [Shift] while pressing [Enter], keep holding [Shift] and press [Up Arrow Key] followed by [Enter]. Repeat the procedure until you are content.

How to…

  1. First step is to press [CTRL] and X on your keyboard to bring up the command window (usually top left on your screen).
  2. Now say for example you’d like to use the money cheat. Type the code, weaknesspays, and press [Enter] on your keyboard. If the window disappears the cheat was successfully entered.