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How to Get High-Tech Industries

Like everyone else I’m having difficulties getting those shiny high-tech industries. But I’ve found a way that works most of the time.


The first thing you have to do is to make sure you’re sims are well educated (if you haven’t made them already). Build lots of schools, colleges, libraries and museums. Your second objective is to make sure you have enacted all pro high-tech ordinances; which are as follows:

  • Conservation Corps
  • Industrial Pollution Impact Fee
  • Clean Air Assocciation
  • Clean Air
  • Electronics Tax Incentive
  • Aerospace Tax Incentive
  • Biotech Tax Incentive
  • Job Fair
  • Sponsor Public Access Cable


The next step is to get rid of all the crime in your industrial areas by building more police stations and make sure your prisons aren’t overcrowded. Also try to reduce the pollution by building more parks and mass transit. By building parks you’ll also increase land value in the area, which will also help to achieve your goal.


Now you’ll need to make a somewhat drastic thing. Bulldoze all your high polluting industry buildings! This will really help you to speed up the progress of getting the high-tech, shiny, low polluting industries. If it doesn’t help just do it over and over again.


The last step is to wait if you’ve just started the city. It takes time for the demand to build up and a young city will lack this. Speed up the game and sit back.

If you have done everything right and with a bit of a luck you should be getting these kind of buildings pretty soon. Good Luck!