August 23, 2008 by Martin

GEMs, or Gameplay Extension Modules as it spells out, will be heavily featured in the upcoming SimCity clone Cities XL from Monte Cristo. Wired explains in a preview of the game that these modules that is expected to range from $2 up to $20 will contain new gameplay features such as for example buildings that affect or simply enchance your cities.

Other GEMs might include a railroad GEM, giving you complete control over the rail industry you may have established in your town, or a winery GEM, which would allow you to create custom vintages ($400 bottles of cabernet or a $2 jug of Dr. Nate’s Cure-All) to peddle to consumers and, potentially, other players.

Furthermore there is info on how the multiplayer aspect of the game will work and what you’d have to expect to pay for that possibility.

Thanks to tr0ub1es0me for the news tip.

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