August 26, 2007 by Martin

GameSpot got the opportunity to play an alpha build of SimCity Societies, which was showcased at this year’s Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. We get to learn more about what type of buildings that are available, that disasters are still present and the fact that EA is working hard on optimizing the game’s performance; something that was an issue with SimCity 4.

SimCity 4 had a reputation for being a bit of a system hog when it was released. Big cities could bring even top-of-the-line desktops to their knees. EA knows this and is working to optimize the game so that as many people as possible can enjoy it this time around. That doesn’t mean the game won’t look nice, because even now it’s looking quite sharp. There are loads of details to enjoy as you zoom from high atop your city right down to street level.

Societies is still slated for a holiday release and all seems to be going according to plan.

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One Response to “Impressions from GC 2007”

  1. #1 Kim Nielsen
    September 7, 2007 at 6:45 am

    Please stop prewiew SCC(SimCity Societes) as it´s a “new SimCity” game.ALL the prewiewed SimCity games was/are City Builders where the primare goal are building a well functional city witch all the necessary civic buildings,-and a Transportsystem,-witch espeacially in SC Rush Hour could be a huge challenge.SCC DON`T have streets!!Okay,it have one kind of dirt road,and one asphalt,-TWO!! differents.Where in the world are they using dirt roads in a city??The concept of (the real)Sim City are growable buildings,where we only need to “Plop” the civic buildings,and then wait and see what “grow´s up”,depented of what kind of a mayor you are.This game seems more to be a even bigger connection to the Sims Serie,-I say bigger because in SimCity 4/Rush Hour you can import five Sims from your,-yes Sims!I dont know the laws in other countries,but I know that in my country(Denmark),you simply cant sell a pruduct,where you let the consumers think they get another product than they actually get.I say that because EA never have announcet SCC as City Builder,but let people think it is because they use the name “SimCity Socities”!We dont get a new SimCity,but a “pink,purple,cartoon looking ploppable city”,only for little girls and lowers of the Sims.

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