July 12, 2007 by Martin

Customization is in people. In IGN’s coverage of SimCity Societies at E3 Tilted Mill confirmed that “the game will ship fully customizable”. However an in-game building editor was not available in the build IGN played. It’s yet unknown if such a feature will be included. Furthermore the societal energies have been renamed to societal values and some of the values themselves have changed names. The preview deals mostly with the different values and their effects on your city.

Productivity was recently changed from industry along with prosperity which changed from wealth, spirituality which changed from devotion and authority which changed from obedience. The productivity value comes with a lot of low rent housing and industrial structures. The good thing about these buildings is that they’re capable of making a lot of money, which is what this city was all about, but it also opens up the possibility for citizens who aren’t very happy and slack off from work

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One Response to “Customization in Societies”

  1. #1 Garland Scott
    September 1, 2007 at 1:15 pm

    I would love to help customize Simcity Societies.
    I have had exerience with HTML.

    Thank you,
    Garland Scott

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