June 17, 2007 by Martin

Just as IGN did John B. of GameDaily got the chance to talk to the EA producers. The video is quite similar to the one previously reported about, but there are some interesting tidbits to be found there nonetheless.

Talk about them both in the forum.

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One Response to “GameDaily Societies Video”

  1. #1 Tony Tuthill
    June 27, 2007 at 1:12 am

    I’ll get this title because I’m a SIM City/SIMs fan, but I was really wanting ‘Sim City 5’ with expansions to add: Streets of Sim City, Sim Copter SIM Golf, SIM Farm, SIM Town, the SIMS, etc, etc, etc onto ‘it’. The core of ALL SIM titles. I feel it was cool but unfair for SIMS/SIMS2 to get so many, many, many…still many expansions while SIM City got nothing. We lost something BIG after SC 2000 and lost our ability to go into our cities with expansions like ‘Streets.’

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