June 8, 2007 by Martin

Not of great importance, but nevertheless interesting to hear at least something from Maxis. This was posted by MaxisKB at the simcity.com BBS (you need to be registered to view it):

Hi everyone!
Many of you many have seen our new SimCity game on the cover of the Gamers for Windows July issue. This issue will be hitting the shelves soon and we hope that you guys can check out the article. We’re very excited about this upcoming game and we’ll be sharing information with all of you shortly.

Welcome back SimCity!

– The Sims Team

Could we hope for some involvement from Maxis on this project?

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One Response to “Maxis Comments”

  1. #1 Tony Tuthill
    June 27, 2007 at 1:19 am

    Um….Thanks??? What happened to the vision of a new Sim City where as the CORE you could add on the expansions for : Streets, Copter, Golf, SIMS, etc., etc., etc.??? Yeah. I’ll get it because I love you…but dang.

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