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First Online Preview managed to get some info and five new screenshots from SimCity Societies. Some pretty interesting – to say the least – bits are found in the article; among the most important ones are:

– For the first time Maxis is not involved in a SimCity game; they’re too busy with Spore. Instead Tilted Mill, developers of Caesar IV, got the honor.
– There will be no pipe-laying, power lines and individual building funding.
– ‘Social Energies’ is a new concept that affects how certain areas of your cities look and behave. Wealth or Obedience are two of them.
– The advisors are no more.
– No more growable buildings, you plop eveything.
– Only 15% of the buildings are available from the start, you’ll have to unlock the rest through certain actions.

Thanks to miniggy03 for posting this.