March 7, 2007 by Martin

Suggestions for SimCity 5 continue to pour in; below are some excerpts.

soltan gris writes: OK, I don’t know if it was only me, but in SC4 I felt like the city is almost DEAD, I mean there was NOTHING going on there, apart of some occasional fires, if you don’t have a good fire coverage. All I was doing was expanding the city , and dealing with the problems that come with that. Now, while this gives you enough work, I still need more thinks happening in the city , which are not connected to your power plant reaching limits, and your neighbour offering new terms in the deal.

SJMX writes: Small idea i had, how about seasons that change the appearance of the landscape but also change city life.

For example winter brings snow that brings bad traffic conditions but summer brings tourists and alike. This could affect how people plan their cities due to the ever changing conditions of the seasons. People would have to up the financing for transport and events in the holidays and drop them in the winter when the only people in the city are the residents and no tourists.

MajesticPL writes: The thing I’m missing in SC4 and I would love to see in SC5 is bus, subway and tram lines. I don’t like the way it’s solved right now, when you just randomly put some bus stops around the map. Why not making the whole mass transit system much clearer and coherent?

How about starting it with designing lines? First you name the line (e.g. Line A) choose the starting and ending point of it, then you put some stops (all in the project view) and only after designing the whole line, you accept the project and there it goes.

The SimCity 5 suggestions forum just passed 1200 posts adding to the almost 8000 posts we have since our rebirth. Join the soon 2000 member strong community you too!

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One Response to “Suggestions Roundup #4”

  1. #1 Ausme
    May 24, 2007 at 6:06 am

    A few suggestions:

    More detailed zoning. e.g lower, middle and upper class zones for office, shops, supermarkets.

    Regional Finance. The regions start with around $1 000 000 and you allocate funds to cities that you start. e.g start a new city in small area and allocate $50 000.
    There should be two kinds of tax, city and regional. You have the normal 8% or whatever for city and then from the region view you could adjust the regional taxes, allowing you to allocate more funds to the different cities.
    Stuff that is the responsibilty of federal or state should be paid from the regional funds.

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