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EA Looking for Product Manager

Interested in a new job? Do you like SimCity? EA at Redwood Shores, CA got the perfect job for you as they are seeking a Product Manager for the SimCity franchise.

SimCity is one of the industry’s classic & best-selling games around the globe selling over 17M units. SimCity is one EA’s most treasured brands with world wide recognition for it’s high product quality & appeal that transcends borders, languages & cultures. This is very unique & exciting opportunity to work on building out the flagship SimCity franchise over the next few years.

With the imminent release of SimCity DS it’s easy to assume that they are expanding to further promote that game, but if you notice the last sentence in the job description above you’ll notice that there are no specific mention of that game and that the wording is very broad. We’re grasping for straws, but it’s always something!