January 23, 2007 by Martin

It’s time for the monthly showcase of some of the ideas and discussion going on in the SimCity 5 Suggestions forum.

thetorpedodog writes: It may sound like a no-brainer, but one of the biggest things I’d like to see in SimCity 5 is an improvement on the data map system. Consider, for instance, the act of placing a school while playing SimCity 4. When you try to find the optimal place to put it, you can’t just see where the elementary schools are, or where the high schools are, or where other civic educational buildings are….

Antigonish writes: there should be a different style of commercial style of building. istead of having offices zoned, or really crappy stores.. there should be a shopping district option. so you can zone lots of mall comercial space along highway intersections, and out in the “suburbs” of your city fringe areas.

EricM770 writes: Don’t get me wrong, Rush Hour did a lot to transportation options that should have been done before, but there are still so many things that could be done. For example, I build cities where sometimes an avenue just becomes too congested. I could build a high-speed rail, but I shouldn’t have to…

We’ve managed to crack the 1000 members mark and over 3500 posts have been made to this date. Hop on board you too!

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One Response to “Suggestions Roundup #3”

  1. #1 Jess
    February 5, 2007 at 3:04 am

    I think the new Simcity should change the whole grid concept completely. Anyone thats played Age of Mythologies has noticed how walls can be placed at any angle and you click to place joints.

    In the same way, for SC5, roads should be like this (And the game automatically creates natural curves and sidewalks to go with it). Zones would works the same way, automatically aligning to the road. Lots would be automatically created based on what the land value is, demand, and the size of the zone, and would fill up with objects to look right. This means you could make houses with large backyards, apartments with fields, or skyscrapers on the sidewalks edge.

    Also, since the game uses a 3d engine already, it should consider height in respect to say placing roads under bridges.

    The game should smooth out heights more naturally, and houses and buildings should cut into hills instead of making really stupid looking brick walls on lot edges.

    Finally, with how many bugs sim city 4 had, I’d like to see the game more thuroughly playtested before the initial release, whatever the pressure may be from EA for money money money money.

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