December 19, 2006 by Martin

The forum continues to provide excellent breeding ground for great discussions concerning the next SimCity game.

JasonJerbil writes: I think sim city 5 should have better water features, like you could have a lake up in the hills and a river going from it to the much lower sea. And more things to place such as offshore drilling rigs, hell for your pollution, but good for your budget. Place a reservoir dam across your river and connect it to water pipes and hydraulic power stations like in the old sim city games…

cityplanner145 writes: You know, the Rush hour label tool is not exatly what I had in mind. I think we should be able to make Interstate routes, as well as local routes such as state and county. Would anyone agree?

Frisco writes: In older simcities (2000 afaik) you had a stadium to which you could assign a sport. I’m not a big fan of soccer and baseball, so they should put in more option as to what kind of stadium you want to build. Some options could be: baseball, soccer, rugby/american football, basketball, athletics, tennis.

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One Response to “Suggestions Roundup #2”

  1. #1 WolfStar
    January 1, 2007 at 1:25 pm

    If even more detail could be involved, even better if it is made an option for the newbies to not have it, then the game would be much, much better, holding my attention for so much longer. Being able to deal specifically with businesses, farms, industries, etc…and having impacts upon the city based upon which you allow to flourish, would add such a great amount of extension to the simcity world that the hours of gameplay and the possibilities would skyrocket. One of the biggest though, for me anyways, is having some way to plan out the blueprint of the city easier. It takes freakin’ ages to make my city, just because I like to keep it nice and patterned, if only to make the construction of new roads and districts so much more easier in the long run. If a preliminary blueprint could be made, and then the player can just slowly fulfill this blueprint as they get the cash to build upon it, would make building the city so, so much more easier.

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