September 16, 2006 by Martin

Over the past month you might have noticed that both the forums and news have been offline. This is due to some very, both unfortunate and worrying, events that have left me and others flabbergasted, to say the least. What those involve we won’t go into for the sake of those affected and to keep a civility that is expected around the SimCity communities, something it has been known for from the start. I have myself been involved in or around it for over 7 years now, both as a member at various fan sites and in the development process here and in some other web sites. The community surrounding the game(s) have always been some of the most intelligent and least flame infected on the internet. Something all we webmasters have enjoyed and made it fun to work with. That I’m very grateful for.

We now face the decision whether to continue to do so or to abandon it. I have decided to do neither of those two. Instead we will let SimCity Central lie idle for a while and let things rest. Until something noteworthy comes up it will stay so for the time being. The community as a whole face stagnation since we’ve hardly heard anything about a possible sequel to the fourth instalment of the series. During the years we have seen many great SimCity web sites fade away, I hope that is not the case here. A healthy community needs diversity.

I will continue to work with another project that has been in making for a while now. A fan site dedicated to Spore called Spore EVolve. Your are very welcome there if you have any interest in the game or just want to catch up with long lost friends.

Until next time compadres I bid you a fond goodbye, but not a farewell!

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