September 25, 2002 by Martin

Sad news indeed for the many of us who have been waiting anxiously for SimCity 4. According to the game is to be released in January 2003. Here’s what they have to say:

Maxis is moving the launch of SimCity 4 and The Sims for the PS2 to January 2003. We know you’re looking forward to both games and that this might be a disappointment. You should know that both titles are looking great and are a blast to play. Moving them to the beginning of next year will give us the opportunity to do a little extra fine-tuning and polishing of the games.

GameSpot has more info on this:

According to a source at EA, both games are now scheduled for release in January. The games are said to be on track to ship this year, but their release has been delayed for marketing reasons. EA wants to focus its marketing on the numerous other games it has slated for the busy holiday season, like The Sims Unleashed and The Sims Online.

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